Welcome to Optima Management Consultants!

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered all the business practices. So the pre-existing strategies, structures, systems, processes, and procedures can no longer function as the best fit for businesses. Last but most importantly, the people factor will play a key role in sustaining the business proposition in the post-COVID-19 business world.

Here, Optima Management Consultants stand out among the crowd. We are an outcome-driven management consultancy specialising in “business sustainability” and “continuous improvement.” With 32 year experience behind us, our consultancy services focus on strategic and operational changes needed for business resilience.

We offer services such as business analysis, mentoring, and strategic support to senior managers.

Our mission is to help our client organisations reach their full potential during these difficult times!



The solutions we offer to our clients:

  • Cost reduction in operations to build business resilience
  • Efficiency gains using the ©Easy-flow approach during the current economic downturn
  • Better information management processes to de-clutter the data produced
  • © Optima Health Check to assess the current state of the business
  • Strategic re-focusing to achieve better profitability and cash-flow
  • Strategic alignment with the market and external environment


We offer a free half-hour consultation to answer any questions! So contact us today!