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( Optima Management Consultants Ltd – Reg. No: 08240875 )

Since April 1989, Optima Management Consultants have provided customised services to many small and large organisations. These services included functional support such as accounting, information management, and marketing and strategic support in aligning the business within the strategic intent of the senior managers and owners.

After thirty years, Optima Management Consultants have now decided to focus on business sustainability and continuous improvement, so that a business can become resilient to deal with external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

All at Optima Management Consultants believe that it is essential to maintain both professional and ethical standards in dealing with their customers and other stakeholders. Therefore, all our clients receive sound advice, consistent service, clear and straightforward communication channels, and, most importantly, fair charges.

Profile of our Consultant – Principal – Dr Thomas Jeyendran BA (Hons), MBA, DBA, Cert. Ed, FCMI, FIC

Tom has extensive experience both in the industry (specialising in food manufacturing and services), and in the university sector as a Senior Lecturer in Business Management.

Tom has worked for companies such as Rank Hovis McDougal, All Seasons Foods, Quaker Oats, and Record Pelkman Group. 

Tom’s consultancy projects, before the setting up of Optima Management Consultants, include companies such as Plantime (UK) Ltd and Kimberley Clark Corporation.

In the past, he had also supported the Anser Group in London via the Knowledge Transfer Partnership in improving processes and information management to achieve the ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation.

Tom looks at the big picture in solving problems based on his academic and professional qualifications and his prior experiences.

Tom’s recent publications & conference papers include:

Date Title
2014 Jeyendran, T (2014), “Grand Ma’s 100 Management Paradigms”, Optima Publishing (2012) Ltd (ISBN:9780957448612)
2013 Jeyendran T (2013), “Let’s go on a Journey”,Optima Publishing (2012) Ltd (ISBN 9780957448605)
2012 Jeyendran, T (2012), “Strategically Modelling Operations in HE Institutions: a Systems Perspective”,  SYSTEMIST (ISSN 0961 – 8309), Volume 34: Issue 1 – Spring, pp. 20-34
2011 Norquay, M and Jeyendran, T (2011) “Should Project Managers behave like Prima Donnas?” www.optima-m-consultants.com/publications
2008 Jeyendran, T and Hobson, P “Planning for biodiversity persistence in an anthropocentric world: The need for adaptive and resilient decision-making mechanisms”, Conference paper delivered at the UK Systems Society Conference, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford